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Building a Citroen HY Van

We build Citroen HY Vans for a range of clients to be used in different ways.

With every design being completely individual and bespoke, we needed to make the process of building a fully custom van as easy as possible.

We believe in having ongoing communication with our clients, throughout the build process.

This helps us capture our client’s vision¬† and helps guarantee they get everything¬† they want out of the build.

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Four steps to ensure that your build is exactly as you dreamed.



Fully Customisable Design

Every detail analyzed to meet business requirements

Total Communication to Ensure smooth process 

Client Meeting Bi-weekly to gather ideas



Quality Restoration built to last

Only Premium materials used

Every Aspect Checked and signed

Strong Team to Support the build process



Rigorous Paint process to guarantee the quality

Paints we use are of the highest Standard

Every Colour to match the Clients needs

Only Experienced Painters Carry out the work



Interior made to fit exact business requirements

Professional Finish made to last

All Appliances wired in to the highest grade

If you have seen it we probably have built it!

Need more information?

If you have any questions about a Citroen HY van please contact us.